Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Hermie: Antonio Meets His Match (DVD)

Antonio is the man, or army ant to be exact. He protects the garden, excels in sports and has the respect of all the bugs in the garden. But despite all this Antonio has a problem, his new neighbors Angus and the red ants. Angus with his bagpipes, dress (it’s a kilt), and selfish ways is just plain annoying to everyone in the garden. The other bugs ask Antonio to get Angus and his ants out of the garden, but God has instructed Antonio to love his neighbor and love Angus. Antonio is challenged to either follow God’s word or to make his fellow bugs happy by ridding the garden of the Angus menace.

I was pleasantly surprised by this Max Lucado Hermie series DVD. Kids through Antonio are challenged with the question of how do you love the unlovable. Angus is truly annoying and everyone can sympathize with the plight of the garden bugs forced to live next to the red ants. In the end Antonio answers the question of how do you love your neighbor, including the unlovely one, with an act of sacrifice. Through humor and a light storyline, kids are brought face to face with a question that will challenge them into adulthood. The addition of the “Caterpilla” short story is also a nice addition, providing a version of “Cinderella” that is humorous and which boys can related to.
Review Copy provided by Thomas Nelson