Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Who Do You Think You Are?

Book cover with a man holding title in front of his face.
Mark Driscoll in Who Do You Think You Are? Finding Your True Identity in Christ confronts his readers with a simple truth.  They are experiencing an identity crisis.  He notes that many Christians place negative labels on themselves instead of realizing that their salvation has made them image bearers in the likeness of the Trinitarian God.  So instead of viewing ourselves as being in the image of Adam, the sinful man, we need to understand how we are copies of Jesus, the holy divine man.  To demonstrate our true identities, Driscoll explores the book of Ephesians with his reader.  He points to our true indentity that includes that we are, saved, blessed, saintly, rewarded, adopted and loved.  How often we forget we are loved!

I have never read a Driscoll book or heard a Driscoll sermon.  I have often heard he is a fiery personality.  I did not get that impression from this book.  Yes, he is realistic about how Christians are often obstacles to other Christians.  And he pushes us to be more than legalistic.  But I did not see him as controversial in this book.  Maybe this is a reflection of my own thoughts!  In the end, I believe this is a helpful book, for Christians that are struggling to understand who they truly are!  

Review Copy Provided by Thomas Nelson