Friday, July 1, 2011

Mirror Ball: Living a Life that Reflects God’s Radiance by Matt Redman

Renowned worship leader and author Matt Redman in Mirror Ball: Living a Life that Reflects Gods Radiance argues that a life of true worship is a life that reflects Jesus Christ.  He goes onto demonstrate that the proof of one’s life of worship is not musical capability but a life lived with God always present in our lives.  A life of worship is one of adventure and a journey to become more like Christ.  A Christian is not one stuck in a neutral position but one moving closer to Jesus.  He reminds us that we have a big God with big expectations and that we should never underestimate Him.  Redman states that we need to put God first in our life and the decisions we make on a daily basis as an act of worship.  In the end, he reminds us that our power only comes from the light of Jesus which shines upon us.  In addition to Redman’s text the book includes an extensive study group intended for both group and individual study. 

For me “worship” is a blind spot.  That is what brought me to picking up this book, looking to get information about an area of church life where I feel inadequate.  I can’t carry a tune and have trouble clapping to the beat.  So for me, what we call worship in our traditional church services often is lost on me.  But what I found was very surprising to me.  This is not a book about musical worship, it is a book about worship by living a life of proper orientation.  Though Redman being a worship leader does use his own life and musical experiences as examples, they do not override his message for the non-musical.  Redman pictures the worshiper as one who properly points his life towards God.  As someone not adept at worship I found Redman’s book unthreatening and inspiring as a call to properly respect an awesome God.  This is a book that honestly anyone can read, not just worship team members.  Redman paints a picture where all of us are worshipers regardless of our ability to pick up a musical instrument.        

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