Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Tender Warrior by Stu Weber

Stu Weber in Tender Warrior provides a description of Biblical manhood.  Weber reinforces what other author’s have also brought forward, there is an absence of real men in our society.  He then proceeds to provide a detailed summary of what a real man should be.  He discusses the need for men to have both strength and be able to show tenderness to those they love.  He explores how a real man interacts with his spouse, providing both provision and understanding.  This is followed by an in-depth discussion of the role of fathering and the need for real men to father children.  Weber points out beyond one’s family, a man needs companions to do life in.  He concludes with a picture of what a true man is.  A true man follows the focuses model of Jesus.  He notes that society has emasculated Jesus giving a picture of a pansy.  Weber extends notes the focuses vision of Jesus, a man who was both a warrior king and also one who could show deep compassion. 
Honestly, I kind of think this book is lost on me.  The portions of the book that resonate with me are really things I believe I am doing now.  And there is a lot of material similar to what I have read in men’s issues books before.  And those things that don’t resonate with me failed to challenge my thoughts but were discarded.  I’m not saying the material is not good or the book is not well written.  It just simply did not provide me anything new.  Part of this could be my non-hunter attitude, as this book uses many hunting stories that are lost on me.  Luckily as someone who has studied military history, Weber’s leads using his military experience did keep my attention. 
So I asked myself what would I do with this book.  First, if a believer had never read a book of this type I would suggest it as a starting point that would give them a good overview of these issues.  It would likely challenge a young husband who has not yet thought about these issues.  And I would be very willing to provide this book to someone not following Christ who wants to know what Biblical manhood looks like.  It is likely for these reasons that this book has continued to find a large audience since its original 1993 printing. 
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