Monday, November 21, 2016

People of the Second Chance

People of the Second Change: A Guide to Bringing Life-Changing Love to the World by Mike Foster is full of good reminders.  Foster reminds us to look beyond what we see in the loser, the misshapen, the poorly packaged and instead find the greatness inside.  He urges us through his story and the stories of others to allow the great thing inside those we find beaten and ourselves with all our self-hatred to simply provide another chance.  Foster is no stranger to brokenness.  He starts the book telling of an accident that would shape his life forever.  Out of that accident he found he had to give himself a second chance in order to be more than that three seconds.  Foster then walks his readers through providing a second chance to one's life, going as far as to have a party to allow the celebration to sweep over one's soul. 

In Foster's system broken things, and people are great things.  From a broken state, God can and does make wonderful things.  And so he urges us to plan the second chance for those around us so God's power can truly take effect.  And then one can play the role they were intended to play in the fantastic story of their life. 

One insight for me is how little Americans touch.  I will be honest, I often joke about it.  Yet as someone who's love language is touch it is amazing how calming a quick pat or a hand squeeze can be.  But I declare proudly do not touch me.  Foster helped remind me touch is powerful for me, it's the reminder that I am far from alone!  And touch can re energize many with weary souls.

I really enjoyed People of the Second Chance.  I found it easy to read and insightful.  The reminders to avoid perfection, be vulnerable, give and receive gifts and many more were powerful and timely.  And in the end I think for all of us we need a second chance in order to be the best us...or a third and a fourth. 

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