Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Lucado Life Lessons Study Bible

The Lucado Life Lessons Study Bible features the New King James Version translation and study helps developed and adapted by Max Lucado. The key study helps are “Life Lessons” which elaborate on passages of scripture providing a context to the section, the main point of the section, a associated text taken from other Lucado writings, an application and finally related scripture. Additionally there are other sections that illuminate the text including “Christ in the Bible: which links passages to the person of Jesus and “New Life in Christ” which focuses on discipleship and growing within Christ. There are also “30 Studies for New Believers” which provides looks at questions new followers may have and provides space for providing reactions to these studies and indexes to help guide personal devotions along with others.

I was already an owner of The Inspirational Study Bible which was an earlier version of this Bible. Supporting materials have been reviewed and edited for this new package but the bulk of the text including the helpful “Life Lessons” are largely the same material. I have found the “Life Lessons” as highly useful in both personal study and sermon preparation. The Bible also draws on Lucado “Life Lessons” study series especially in introductory material. However in reviewing the Romans study it was clear despite similar formats they are complementary not overly duplicative. Overall, I have found this Bible in other forms very useful and think it was beneficial to repackage and reissue this book.


  1. Just noticed this post. My name is Jeff and I'm actually working on this Bible with Thomas Nelson at the moment. If you're interested, we just released a free 365-day mobile app for both iPhone and Android that is based upon the Lucado Life Lessons Study Bible. It's a an awesome little app and a great way to experience this particular Bible.

  2. You bet. Hope you enjoy it.