Sunday, January 16, 2011

Soul Print: Discovering Your Divine Destiny by Mark Batterson

Soul Print: Discovering Your Divine Destiny by Mark Batterson encourages readers to discover their true self and their personal destiny. Batterson argues that everyone has a soul print, which defines not just who one is but who one is destined to become. He adds that our soul print is who God has designed us to be and that it contains our uniqueness. He urges us to embrace our soul print, to have the courage to be ourselves and to not experience regret by failing to be who we were individually designed to be. Batterson then explores the life King David and how his soul print played out in his life. He shows us that our past experiences and weaknesses help us to understand who we are. He shows how like David, our character will be challenged both through experiences and the words of others to behave differently than we have been built. And Batterson shows how accepting our soul print leads to personal success, while rejecting it causes pain in our lives.

Overall, this is an easy book to read. Many readers will be familiar with the stories that Batterson has selected from David’s life providing reassurance that you know where Batterson is heading. And Batterson’s writing style is easy to read. The author’s honesty and willingness to share his own faults also makes the text relatable. He presents several thoughts that many of us have to deal with in our own lives. I’m still meditating on, “I’d rather by hated for who I am than love for who I’m not( Batterson, 102).” So many in ministry have people pleasing personalities realistic talk that this is a bitter but needed pill to swallow. It’s very encouraging to have such a visible and successful pastor provide that pill in a discussion of his own failures.

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